Are Organic Foods Worth the Money?

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In my opinion, in most cases, organic foods are not worth the extra money you pay for them. At least in terms of personal health. You might be able to make a good argument for the environment or farm workers.

Unfortunately, "organic" food is pretty much a lie. Organic produce is still coated in "approved" pesticides. The "organic" label does not mean "pesticide-free". The best you can do is go to local farmers markets and ask the vendor if they use pesticides or not. Many local farmers do use pesticides, but they try to keep it as low as possible. Or you can start your own pesticide-free garden in your own backyard. But the fact remains that you are going to eat produce that contains pesticides. Buying "organic" does nothing to avoid this.

Sometimes I will buy organic if the price is very similar to the normal version, but you have to realize it's really just a "marketing scam" in most cases (outside of your local farmer's market). People perceive the word "organic" as meaning "it must be healthier" when none of the actual science shows that to be the case. Believe me, I WISH it was the case! I WISH "organic" truly meant "pesticide-free" and "greater nutrients", but it sadly does not.
If there was a ton of good science showing organic foods were superior to normal foods and truly pesticide-free, I would happily spend extra money on that. But I'm not going to waste extra money on a "marketing scam". I'd rather grow my own vegetables in the backyard if I must.

In conclusion, don't freak out about the pesticides. Wash your veggies before you eat them and you'll be fine. 99% of modern diseases we see today (heart disease, diabetes, stroke, alzheimer's, osteoporosis, etc) are happening because people are eating animal products and processed foods instead of unprocessed plant foods. Pesticides are not making us fat and diseased. The only exception to this is if you live near a farm that is spraying pesticides. It is well-documented that people in close contact with a farm (neighbors and farm workers) are heavily affected by pesticides during the spraying. But I still can't say this is an argument to buy "organic" produce since the "organic" industry sprays a ton of pesticides too! That's why growing your own stuff and/or going to local farmers (who aren't running a massive operation) are more likely to use less pesticides.
But if you live in a city with no backyard, no farmer's markets, or just can't afford organic food, you will be fine! Just keep eating unprocessed, low-fat plant foods! That's the key to health! It doesn't matter if they're frozen or fresh, they're still full of all the nutrition you need to stay healthy.

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